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  • Mal'gano

    Mal'gano is the most powerful of the gods, the second-youngest of the original 5. He rules the continent of [[Malhem | Malhem]], and [[Samir | Samir]] is his capital city. He is the god of knowledge and travel. Aside from presiding over the whole of …

  • Sev'lara

    Sev'lara is the oldest of the original five, and the goddess over all law. She rules the continent of [[Laedryd | Laedryd]]. She leads the court of the gods of law. This includes Hoshmal, Kearisk, Dorak, and Ælfræð.

  • Rel'valo

    Rel'valo is second oldest of the orignal five. He is the god of all things good, ruler over the continent of [[Ilioxira | Ilioxira]]. He is the god of protection and agriculture, though perhaps he is most known as the god of the sun. He leads the …

  • Khi'laro

    Khi'laro is the middle child of the original five gods. He is the madgod over chaos and he rules the island chain known as [[Asadjinan | Asadjinan]]. He leads the court of chaos gods, which includes Gonborel, Rallamara, Istvan, and Berthild.

  • Cayr'vanya

    Cayr'vanya is the youngest of the original five gods. She is the goddess over all evil, death and undeath. She rules the continent known as [[Kaellae | Kaellae]]. She leads the court of evil gods. This includes Karp, Gixustrat, Ravanel's replacement …

  • Rulena

    Rulena is the goddess of all nature. She was a naiad before she ascended to deity and thus she remains closely tied to water. She inhabits the Revlan river that runs through almost the whole of the world, and provides the current for most of the oceans. …

  • Pantheon

    The gods of Valkor were originally only five, Mal'gano, Rel'valo, Cayr'vanya, Sev'lara, and Khi'laro. They ascended in another world where there was no room for more gods and thus that pantheon helped them begin their own world to get them out of the way …

  • Evmira

    Evmira is the daughter of [[Sev'lara | Sev'lara]] and Hoshmal. She is the goddess of magic and the education involved. She presides over the school of magic located in Samir. Her familiar is her staff, Osrunstafr.

  • Vesarch

    Vesarch is the son of [[Sev'lara | Sev'lara]] and Hoshmal. He is the god of time and balance. His most common tool in the enforcement of balance is death.

  • Solmiren

    Called the Child God, Solmiren usually manifests as a small child with a harp, a crystal ball balanced on top that he examines as he plays. He is the youngest of the Val'ran family, son of [[Sev'lara | Sev'lara]] and Hoshmal.

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