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  • Samir

    Samir is the capital city of [[Mal'gano | Mal'gano]], as well as the trade and geographical center of the world.

  • Malhem

    Malhem is the home continent of [[Mal'gano | Mal'gano]]. The capital is [[Samir | Samir]].

  • Kaellae

    Kaellae is the home of [[Cayr'vanya | Cayr'vanya]]. It is made up of an enormous petrified swamp and sludge fen that, as you near the center, dries up into craggy wastelands roamed by undead. There are active volcanoes and frequent earthquakes which …

  • Ilioxira

    Ilioxira is the home of [[Rel'valo | Rel'valo]]. Mostly made up of farmland and temperate forests near the channel thinning out to plains as the multitude of waterways consolidate, low hill country moving into mountains near the sea; culminating with …

  • Laedryd

    Laedryd is the home of [[Sev'lara | Sev'lara]] and is organized much like she herself. The central region of the continent is pentagon-shaped, with mountain ranges forming arms to make a star. Each range is dominated by one of the members of Sev'lara's …

  • Asadjinan

    Asadjinan is the home of [[Khi'laro | Khi'laro]]. It's a huge archipelago, the islands are in constant motion. There are drawbridge-house-islands that float amongst them helping to create some amount of "easy" transportation between the islands, as well …

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