This is the in progress compendium of all things Valkora. Consider it the library of Mal’gano in process, along with DM and player notes of course. I’m currently constructing the Wiki. What I’ve done so far includes parts of the pantheon, a few places, and a few NPCs.

Players, feel free to add your character sheets under the ‘Characters’ tab up above. Have fun. I’m still working on the wiki.

Campaign Info:Ash, known as the Gardener, began the Black Lotus as a result of the death of Flanders. With the help of Ischvayl, he recruited the aid of Hoshmal, Karp, and Lady Serpentblade. They founded an order of spies and assassins with the purpose of maintaining the balance of the world.

Members of the Black Lotus are incorruptible in the particular way of the Operative from Serenity, or V from V for Vendetta. Your loyalty to the cause of the organization must be unwavering. Even if your alignment is evil, it is more that society considers the lengths to which you are willing to go to be wrong. You can also maintain a good alignment. I recognize that alignment is guidelines, and a lot more about intentions than actual results and I will treat things as such.

The Black Lotus finds, observes, and infiltrates all threats to balance. After compiling data, they analyze the threat and determine how they wish to react. This could involve aiding, leaving alone, slowing, or destroying these threats.

According to the rest of the world, the Black Lotus does not exist. If you’re aware of them, you are almost certainly either a target or a recruit.

The recruits go through strenuous testing and screening. As part of the induction, you are joined to all that is Joy. And then, you feel Joy die. This is exactly what the triplets, Flander’s Fools and high priests felt as their god died. This leaves many inductees scarred for life. Others it fuels to greater dedication.

A note to all: This is several decades in the future from the other Valkor Campaign. If you expose the plot, or details of it to the (other) players of that campaign, you will face DM wrath and negative catbat points.

Also, to explain, catbat points are similar to Squeaky points, as well as an alternative to action points. To explain further, this means that if you are bestowed with the blessing of such a point, you have at your disposal some amount of DM favor. However, this favor is somewhat subject to whim and caprice. You may indicate a preferred outcome, or you may simply say that you invoke one and allow the DM to use her chaotically creative imagination.

Another house rule is that outside of combat, a natural 20 does not mean an automatic success. It does grant a +10 to your total, but if the opposing check is higher even than that total, it will still win out.


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